Boutique Hotel "Okhotnichyi Sezony" is ideal place for family events, business meetings, conferences, etc.
Beautiful interior would allow you to organise an event of your dream.

For your use:

"Hunting" Restaurant hall

  • 1080 Sq.Feet
  • Up to 45 guests

VIP Restaurant hall

  • 480 Sq.Feet
  • Up to 8 guests

VIP Restaurant hall with Fireplace

  •  480 Sq.Feet 
  • Up to 12 guests

Warm Terrace  with panoramic view

  • Up to 20 guests

Summet Terrace with Russian stove 

  • до 16 посадочных мест

Our Hotel & Restaurant will try our best to make your event special. No matter how big it is, we hope it would stay in your memory.